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Dead Man's Bones

Susan Wittig Albert / Berkley Pub Group / 2006-04-04 / 0 次下载
From Publishers WeeklyIn Albert's assured 14th outing for China Bayles (after 2004's A Dilly of a Death), the herbalist and ex-lawyer is worried about the effect of the poor tourist trade on her Pecan Springs, Tex., herb shop, tea room and New Age store owned jointly with her best friend, Ruby Wilcox, when her 14-year-old stepson, Brian, announces a disturbing discovery: while on an archeological dig in a cave, he found a skeleton with its skull bashed in. Analysis later shows that the bones are about 30 years old. After a leading citizen shoots dead an apparent intruder in self-defense, China begins to suspect there's a link between this incident and the past murder. In her own quiet way, China pursues the truth. China's warmth and sensitivity toward Ruby's new boyfriend, the new professor at the local university and others will endear her to readers, while her investigative skills make her a leader among female sleuths. Fascinating information about herbs and tempting recipes round out this leisurely cozy with a Southwestern flair. (Apr. 5)Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. FromChina Bayles is always trying to teach us stuff: it's not annoying at all but somehow soothing and fascinating. The ex-attorney turned herbalist in the Texas town of Pecan Springs loves to talk about the plants and herbs she grows; she loves to share recipes and run her business (herb shop, tearoom, catering) with her friend and partner, Ruby; and she loves the opportunity to enjoy her spouse and teen stepson. In this gently narrated cozy, a skeleton in a cave allows China to think about archaeology, forensics, love affairs, immigration, and secrets from the past. Meanwhile, two elderly and reclusive sisters, one imperious and the other frail, the last of their family, donate a building, the funds for its renovation, and property for a community theater, with the stipulation that a play written about their father must be the first production. These events turn out to be intimately connected to the body in the cave, and it makes for an enjoyable journey as China makes the necessary connections one by one. GraceAnne DeCandidoCopyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

The summer of the Danes

Ellis Peters / Grand Central Publishing / 1992-11-01 / 0 次下载
SUMMARY: To tie in with the hardcover release of Peters' The Benediction of Brother Cadfael, here is the 18th entry in the eminently successful medieval detective series. In the summer of 1144, Brother Cadfael is sent to Wales on church business and is captured by Danes. And when a prisoner is murderer, the clever monk knows he'll not see Shrewsbury again until the killer is caught.

The rose rent: the thirteenth chronicle of Brother Cadfael

Ellis Peters / Chivers Press / 2000-08-15 / 0 次下载
SUMMARY: Judith Perle, a young widow who had greatly loved her husband, has conveyed one of her properties to the Abbey of Shrewsbury in return for the annual rent of one white rose from the bush growing on the property's north wall. A few years later, in 1142, the delivery of the rose became an issue, since there were men in Shrewsbury who desired Judith for her beauty or her substantial dowry. The first crisis appears to have been averted by the handling of the monks of the Benedictine Abbey, among them Brother Cadfael. But a sudden brutal murder cries out for investigation and punishment...

The Virgin in the Ice: The Sixth Chronicle of Brother Cadfael

Ellis Peters / Thorndike Press / 1998-10-15 / 0 次下载
SUMMARY: In the winter of 1139, raging civil war has sent refugees fleeing north from Worcester, among them an orphaned boy and his beautiful 18-year-old sister. Traveling with a young nun, they set out for Shrewsbury, but disappear somewhere in the wild countryside. Now, Brother Cadfael embarks on a dangerous quest to find them. Previously out of print.

The sanctuary sparrow: the seventh chronicle of Brother Cadfael

Ellis Peters / W. Morrow / 1983-10-15 / 0 次下载
EDITORIAL REVIEW: A paperback edition of a novel featuring Brother Cadfael. A young man pursued by a lynching mob seeks sanctuary at the Benedictine monastery in Shrewsbury. He is accused of robbery and murder, but Cadfael senses his innocence and sets out to prove it. Publication is to coincide with the televising of a new series based on the Cadfael chronicles.

An Excellent Mystery

Ellis Peters / Little, Brown / 1999-10-15 / 0 次下载
SUMMARY: In 1141, England is still in the midst of the strife caused by the struggle for the throne between King Stephen and the Empress Maud. Among its victims the Abbey of Hyde Meade, totally destroyed. Two of its brothers seek refuge in Shrewsbury: Brother Humilis, who abandoned his intended and joined the cloister after crippling injuries received on the Crusade; and his devoted attendant, the mute Fidelis. All is well until Humilis' former squire decides to pay court on his own account to the girl who was his lord's affianced bride.

The Confession of Brother Haluin

Ellis Peters / Grand Central Publishing / 1989-12-01 / 0 次下载
EDITORIAL REVIEW: On his deathbed, Brother Haluin confesses to a shocking act in his past--and then recovers. To atone, Haluin determines to make a journey of expiation with Brother Cadfael and embarks on an arduous journey that leads to discoveries of deceit, betrayal, revenge . . . and murder. "Each addition to the series is a joy."--USA Today. HC: Mysterious Press.

The leper of Saint Giles: the fifth chronicle of Brother Cadfael

Ellis Peters / Thorndike Press / 1998-07-15 / 0 次下载
SUMMARY: A savage murder interrupts an ill-fated marriage set to take place at Brother Cadfael's abbey, leaving the monk with a terrible mystery to solve. The key to the killing is hidden among the inhabitants of the Saint Giles leper colony, and Brother Cadfael must ferret out a sickness not of the body, but of a twisted mind.

The holy thief

Ellis Peters / Grand Central Publishing / 1994-03-01 / 0 次下载
SUMMARY: The 19th chronicle of Brother Cadfael. In the chill autumn of 1144, rising flood waters endanger the sacred remains of St. Winifred, the abbey's most cherished possession. When the bones disappear and a corpse is found, Brother Cadfael needs his prayers answered to catch a killer.

The Pilgrim of Hate

Ellis Peters / Fawcett Crest / 1987-01-15 / 0 次下载
EDITORIAL REVIEW: Preparing to celebrate an important anniversary for the Abbey at Shrewsbury, medieval herbalist and Benedictine monk Brother Cadfael finds himself trying to solve the murder of a Winchester knight believed to have treasonous loyalties. Reprint."

A Rare Benedictine

Ellis Peters / Mysterious Press / 2009-06-15 / 0 次下载
SUMMARY: Peters has gained worldwide praise for her meticulous re-creations of 12th-century monastic life. Here, her chronicles continue with a Christmas story, a tale of robbery and attempted murder, and a narrative of Brother Cadfael's early years.

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